If you go to a prep school open gym, or see a high school basketball showcase event, you will usually see a program or info sheet that shows where a player has signed or who has offered them.  A couple of times in the past I saw offers by player’s names and reached out to those college programs to say I was watching the player.  On more than one occasion I was surprised to find out that this player hadn’t actually been offered.  Where was the disconnect? Some lesser experienced high school/AAU coaches will assume that if a college coach calls about a player that it is an offer.  That is not the case.  So, when is a player actually offered?

It depends on the staff.  A few assistant coaches have the authority from the head coach to make offers on the program’s behalf.  But if the offer is not from one of these programs, and not from the head coach then it might not be legit.  Once a player gets an offer they should be talking to the head coach on the phone or receiving a visit from them.  When you get an offer, also go online and see if the school’s recruiting website shows the offer and who else have been offered.  It shouldn’t be this complicated, but unfortunately it is.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and ask the assistant who is offering you tough questions to get clarification.

Check out this clip to hear more.

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