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Meet Coach Jere Quinn, the prep school basketball coach for the NEPSAC AAA St Thomas More team in Oakdale ,Connecticut. He’s been coaching for 43 years since he was age 22. He’s coached hundreds of Division I college basketball players, with many of them going pro.

In this episode, he talks about his experience at St Thomas More preparing kids for college basketball recruiting and life in general. He explains the creative ways they’re navigating to help kids place in good teams during the pandemic.

Listen in to learn about the qualities of kids who fit in a prep school, plus the benefits of prep schools in preparing players beyond the sport.

What You Will Learn:

  1. [1:34​] Coach Quinn explains growing up playing basketball and his experience playing in high school and college.
  2. [4:39​] How he transitioned from playing to coaching at 22 and has been doing it for 43 years now.
  3. [5:55​] He describes St Thomas More prep school as the place that helps prepare kids to live the life of a college athlete.
  4. [7:13​] The activities that basketball kids at St Thomas More prep school are involved with.
  5. [9:11​] Understanding the second team model within prep school basketball.
  6. [13:46​] Coach Quinn describes the hardworking kid they’re looking to admit into their post-grad basketball program.
  7. [15:49​] How they’re navigating games to find success during a pandemic by experimenting with creativity.
  8. [18:34​] How prep school basketball has transformed and yet stayed the same over the last 40+ years.
  9. [21:32​] How easy it was back in the day to place kids in good teams, plus the frustrations of trying to place kids in good teams during the pandemic.
  10. [28:00​] He describes the young men who should and shouldn’t consider joining a post-grad basketball program.
  11. [32:11​] He narrates some of the surprises he’s gotten over the years with kids who turned out spectacular.
  12. [34:40​] The disappointments he’s gotten from kids who don’t want to deal with challenges and the competition in prep school basketball.
  13. [37:15​] He talks about some of the coaching moments and games he’s enjoyed with St Thomas More.
  14. [43:48​] The benefits of prep school and the post-grad years in preparing kids for not just the sport, but mostly for life.

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