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Meet Coach Mike Hart, the athletic director and basketball coach at St. Andrew’s School outside Providence, Rhode Island. He’s been at St. Andrew’s since 1994 and has been named New England Prep School Coach of the Year 6 times.

In this episode, he talks about St. Andrews School, the under-the-radar kid they’re focused on, and the diverse environment they provide for basketball players. He explains the importance of trust between college and prep school coaches which enables successful college recruiting.

Listen in to learn the importance of parents allowing coaches to coach their children and other valuable tips.

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:01] Coach Hart describes his background with basketball in Providence spanning over four decades.
  2. [4:56] How his college coach got him into coaching in the late 80s and his arrival at St. Andrew’s.
  3. [11:10] He describes St. Andrews as a blue color, diverse prep school that ensures students are rightly fitted and evaluated for success.
  4. [17:32] He describes his coaching style as having a lot of fun while working hard.
  5. [24:42] He talks about some of the best kids they’ve worked with at St. Andrew’s.
  6. [32:26] Coach Hart explains the need for trust between college coaches and prep school coaches, which is currently lacking.
  7. [36:51] The lack of trust between college and prep school coaches.
  8. [41:30] He describes the type of kids he enjoys training at St. Andrews- the under-the-radar kids.
  9. [44:44] He tells the story of kids who left after choosing a life away from basketball.
  10. [48:46] The three things that separate spectacular basketball players from the rest.
  11. [55:16] What Coach Hart enjoys doing away from work.

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