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Meet Andrew Gale, the head coach of New Hampton School in New Hampshire. He worked at Vermont as a lead student manager and assistant coach for 4 years, before joining New Hampton in 2016 as an assistant coach and then head coach.

In this episode, he talks about the New Hampton school, which is focused on developing kids into the top 100 players even though they do not always recruit top players. He explains how COVID-19 is impacting NCAA basketball recruiting this year and how they’re navigating it to ensure their players make the right choices.

Listen in to learn how to showcase your basketball skills and differentiate yourself from the rest when presenting to a prep school coach.

What You Will Learn:

  1. [0:49​] Coach Gale explains his background in basketball before becoming a coach.
  2. [2:25​] The culture of building relationships with kids that Coach Gale learned in Vermont.
  3. [3:37​] Why he chose preparing young kids transition in prep school basketball over collegiate basketball after Vermont.
  4. [6:19​] He describes the New Hampton School and how they balance academics and sports.
  5. [8:34​] The importance of skill and player development for post-grad basketball players.
  6. [10:15​] The 3 steps to loving yourself to become a top basketball player.
  7. [13:03​] The challenge of COVID-19 on NCAA basketball recruiting.
  8. [16:40​] The conversations he’s having with kids and their parents about the consequences of the college choices they make in 2021.
  9. [19:23​] Why they’re recruiting 2-year players at New Hampton to have a lasting impact beyond 2021.
  10. [20:34​] Coach Gale explains why they’re taking their time before bringing in a second team.
  11. [23:04​] How being younger helps Coach Gale connect better with his players.
  12. [25:14​] The qualities he looks for in kids, plus the advice on how to apply for post-grad basketball.
  13. [30:49​] Coach Gale demystifies the common myths about prep school.

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