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Show Notes

Welcome to the show NBA veteran, Brad Miller.  He attended a prep school in Maine for his senior year of high school before playing for 4 years at Purdue University. He later played 14 years in the NBA to include two times in the All-Star game.

In this episode, Brad recalls career moments from the very beginning of high school to the height of his NBA career. He explains why not getting drafted into the NBA worked in his favor and other events that shifted his career to become an NBA player.

Listen in to learn how prep school basketball impacted Brad by giving him a solid foundation for the rest of his career.

What You Will Learn:

  • [1:18] Brad describes his love for basketball since childhood and when he realized he was good.
  • [4:18] He explains the impact attending a prep school had on his career compared to his former public high school.
  • [6:15] Brad talks about his prep school coach, Max Good, and the discipline and survival he instilled.
  • [10:36] Why he chose Purdue over Providence and Oklahoma State.
  • [14:23] Why not getting drafted into the NBA worked better for him than if he had been drafted.
  • [19:31] That feeling after meeting and playing against Alonzo Mourning and Karl Malone.
  • [22:01] He talks about the fight with Shaquille O’Neal and how it shaped the rest of his career.
  • [24:34] Brad describes his relationship with Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) as a great teammate and an amazing personality.
  • [27:14] Playing with Michael Jordan at the All Star game in Jordan’s last season before retirement.
  • [28:23] Brad explains his experience playing for Sacramento Kings and how that utilized his skills.
  • [30:39] Brad discusses his hunting television show: Country Boy Outdoors
  • [34:26] Why he believes he wouldn’t have made it to the NBA without attending prep school.


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