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Chris Overbye is a senior partner of Hunnewell Education where he is a prep school consultant. Chris has his own experience attending Indian Mountain School and Salisbury School before going to Allegheny College. He has worked in everything in the prep school world from being a teacher, coach, director of admissions, director of development and head of financial aid. He has worked at the Meadowbrook School, Salisbury School, and Lawrence Academy. With over 20 years of experience, Chris knows the ins and outs of the prep school world and in this interview shares valuable information for prospective student athletes.

What You Will Learn

  1. [3:06] Why hire an educational consultant?
    [4:34] Helping families narrow down the prep school choices.
    [6:15] How to advocate for a family to a prep school.
    [7:59] How PREP Athletics works with a player’s athletic, academic, and financial profile.
    [8:54] Benefits of an educational consultant.
    [9:56] What families need to know now due to Covid, and how things have changed.
    [14:36] School visits during Covid.
    [16:23] International students and prep schools.
    [17:00] How schools have increased multi media presence.
    [19:02] Making the final decision: kids or parents?
    [23:10] The role of coaches at their school.
    [24:09] How consultants assist in the decision making process.
    [27.20] Difference between need based versus merit within financial aid
    [31:47] Financial aid for middle class families.
    [33:08] Merit scholarships
    {37.53] Financial aid during Covid.
    [38.35] Examples of merit scholarships for basketball players
    {43:56] How consultants can help clients navigate the application process. They have conversations with schools regarding money and offers.
    [47:00] Why some schools do not have to add more money to their financial aid pot.
    [49:30] Tips for prospective students going through the process.
    [53.15] The importance of following up with a school.
    [57:18] Why prep school students have advantages for college admissions.
    [1:00.27] Post grad competition in academics and basketball.
    [1:04.14] Chris’ favorites
    [1:06] Final thoughts.


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