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  1. [1:13] Discussion of why Hartford is going from D1 to D3.

    >[5:00] Coach Farmer’s background and why he chose basketball.

    [7:30] Characteristics a guard needs to go D1.

    [11:50] Why should you come to Williston Northhampton School.

    [13:30] What he looks for in guards.

    [15:20] How he changed his approach to coaching during Covid

    [17:30] Famous Alumni of Williston Northampton

    [20:44] Benefit of being a NEPSAC Single A school.

    [23:31] Placing kids during Covid.

    [24:50] Will this year change the type of player you bring on campus knowing it is harder to place?

    [26:10] Thoughts on NCAA transfer portal.

    [32:40] What advice he gives players entering into the portal?

    [36:30] Exposure for the class of 2021.

    [38:45] Who in his prep school coaching career was the one player that surprised him the most?

    [41:15] Biggest win of career?

    [42:54] Best player played against in playing career?

    [43:54] Hobbies

    [45:00] Benefits of being in the admissions office.

    [46:30] Favorite movie.

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