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Coach Ben Farmer is the head coach at the Williston Northampton School. Coach Farmer is a former D1 player, as well as an assistant at Wesleyan and the University of Hartford. He completed a post grad year at St Thomas More for Coach Jere Quinn, before playing for Marist. His older brother Jeff also played D1 basketball. In this episode he will discuss his background, how both he and his brother made it to D1, the benefits of working in a prep school’s admission office and more.

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:13] Discussion of why Hartford is going from D1 to D3.
  2. [5:00] Coach Farmer’s background and why he chose basketball.
  3. [7:30] Characteristics a guard needs to go D1.
  4. [11:50] Why should you come to Williston Northhampton School.
  5. [13:30] What he looks for in guards.
  6. [15:20] How he changed his approach to coaching during Covid
  7. [17:30] Famous Alumni of Williston Northampton
  8. [20:44] Benefit of being a NEPSAC Single A school.
  9. [23:31] Placing kids during Covid.
  10. [24:50] Will this year change the type of player you bring on campus knowing it is harder to place?
  11. [26:10] Thoughts on NCAA transfer portal.
  12. [32:40] What advice he gives players entering into the portal?
  13. [36:30] Exposure for the class of 2021.
  14. [38:45] Who in his prep school coaching career was the one player that surprised him the most?
  15. [41:15] Biggest win of career?
  16. [42:54] Best player played against in playing career?
  17. [43:54] Hobbies
  18. [45:00] Benefits of being in the admissions office.[
  19. 46:30] Favorite movie.

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