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    [1:29] Why Coach Mantegna chose basketball.

    [2:25] Was Blair Academy as nationally known back in the day as it is now?

    [3:13] How did he get Luol Deng and Charlie Villanueva to come to Blair Academy?

    [4:16] His pitch for players to attend Blair Academy?

    [6:00] How Coach Mantegna has placed kids into the college level during Covid.

    [7:45] What makes the MAPL (Mid Atlantic Prep League) league so special?

    [9:30] Famous Alumni of Blair Academy

    [13:58] What do the players who went to the NBA possess that got them to this level?

    [18:00] Coach Mantegna’s experience working with kids from South Sudan.

    [26:00] Going high major straight out of high school.

    [27:50] Thoughts on the NCAA Transfer Portal and recruiting.

    [31:55] Changes he would make to the NCAA.

    [35:33] What coaching and personal changes did you make due to Covid?

    [38:16] Biggest surprise as a player

    [40:00] Biggest win of career?

    [42:11] Best player ever coached against?

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