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Show Notes

  1. [2:02] Why is Gonzaga a family environment?

    [9:24] What makes the WCAC the #1 high school conference in America?

    [13:15] How do you judge the talent of junior high players?

    [17:28] Famous Gonzaga alumni

    [20:15] The talent of former basketball player and NCAA Tournament Legend, Kris Jenkins. [23:45] Why Coach Turner’s own son went to prep school and how they chose one.

    [29:00] How it is coaching his youngest son at Gonzaga, 6’7’’ Jared Turner

    [34:00] Family, working hard and doing what you love.

    [41:38] Thinking outside the box as a coach

    [44:22] Biggest surprise of a player he’s coached?

    [47:30] What changes would you make to the NCAA?

    [1:00:00] Would you consider a post grad year for your son?

    [1:01:39] Most important characteristic of a college program/school for his son Jared? [1:09:10] Who are the best assistant coaches he has dealt with on the college level?

    [1:12:33] Biggest win of his career?

    [1:13] Best player you ever coached against?

    [1:14:29] Hobbies

    [1:14:42] Favorite movie

    [1:15:00] Coach Turner tells us about his own podcast.

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