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Coach Turner has been the head coach at Gonzaga College High School in downtown Washington, DC since 2004. Coach Turner was honored with the 2017 Gatorade National Coach of the Year Award. He has coached players who have played at Duke, UNC, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Harvard, Michigan, Cornell, Brown, Miami, and many more programs at all levels. I was an assistant on Coach Turner’s staff for two years and during those years had the privilege to coach eventual NCAA Tournament Legend, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins. In this episode Coach Turner discusses coaching in the best high school basketball conference in America, sending his son to prep school, the Gonzaga student section, recruiting junior high players, and much more.

Show Notes


[2:02] Why is Gonzaga a family environment?

[9:24] What makes the WCAC the #1 high school conference in America?

[13:15] How do you judge the talent of junior high players?

[17:28] Famous Gonzaga alumni

[20:15] The talent of former basketball player and NCAA Tournament Legend, Kris Jenkins.

[23:45] Why Coach Turner’s own son went to prep school and how they chose one.

[29:00] How it is coaching his youngest son at Gonzaga, 6’7’’ Jared Turner

[34:00] Family, working hard and doing what you love.

[41:38] Thinking outside the box as a coach

[44:22] Biggest surprise of a player he’s coached?

[47:30] What changes would you make to the NCAA?

[1:00:00] Would you consider a post grad year for your son?

[1:01:39] Most important characteristic of a college program/school for his son Jared?

[1:09:10] Who are the best assistant coaches he has dealt with on the college level?

[1:12:33] Biggest win of his career?

[1:13] Best player you ever coached against?

[1:14:29] Hobbies

[1:14:42] Favorite movie

[1:15:00] Coach Turner tells us about his own podcast.


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