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What You Will Learn

  1. [1:05] Why come back to the prep school level after years of D1?

    [1:40] Type of player he recruits for South Kent.

    [2:26] Background and why he chose basketball

    [3:09] What drew him to coaching?

    [4:00] His recruiting pitch and why it’s different?

    [5:50] His role at the grassroots level of Nike

    [7:30] Differences of coaching in a college program?

    [13:21] How he helped East Carolina land a Top 10 recruiting class?

    [14:35] What is he doing different this time around at South Kent?

    [16:38] Learn about South Kent

    [19:40] Earning college credits at South Kent.

    [20:40] Famous South Kent alumni

    [22:44] How did Covid affect placement of his players?

    [29:50] Tracking winners and the mentality.

    [31:08] Changes on the court during Covid.

    [32:42] What separates the players you coached who went to the NBA?

    [36:23] Thoughts on NCAA transfer portal

    [38:40] What type of player are you going to take on?

    [45:19] What change would you make to the NCAA?

    [47:37] Biggest win of career?

    [48:33] Best player coached against at the prep and college level.

    [50:06] Hobbies

    [56:17] Favorite Moviel.

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