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Adam Finkelstein is the founder of the New England Recruiting Report as well as a national high school scout for ESPN. Adam has experience coaching at the D3 (Western Connecticut State), D1 (University of Hartford), and prep school (Choate Rosemary Hall) levels. In 2012 I reached out with questions to Adam about the prep school world and he was kind enough to take the time to lead me in the right direction. In this episode Adam talks about scouting, going where the players are, his role with ESPN, and much more.

What You Will Learn


  1. [2:00] Main takeaways from being a D3 and D1 assistant coach?
    [5:35] Biggest difference between a prep school player and a regular high school player?
    [9:24] Thoughts on pop up basketball academies as a scout.
    [17:00] How did the New England Recruiting Report originate and how does it benefit players?
    [21:50] How does Adam pick AAU and showcase events to go scout?
    [24:48] Story of seeing a special player not on a big time AAU team.
    [27:16] Role at ESPN and the perks that come with it.
    {32:20] Adam’s 10-year plan.
    [35:00] Best coach, Adam coached against while at University of Hartford?
    [36:26] Best player, Adam coached against at Choate?
    [37:03] One performance as a scout that stands above the rest.
    [38:02] Favorite movie
    [38:22] Hobbies
    [39:15] Podcast recommendations

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