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In this mini episode, PREP Athletics Founder, Cory Heitz explains how the PREP Athletics process of finding a right fitting prep school works. This process includes:

What You Will Learn

  1. 1) Committing to help a player
  2. 2) Player has to make their own recruiting website
  3. 3) Reaching out to the right fitting prep school’s coaches on the player’s behalf
  4. 4) Have players/family ready to talk to interested coaches by creating a recruiting notebook w/ important questions to ask
  5. 5) After players talk to coaches I will talk to them about the characteristics of each school and coach
  6. 6) If feasible set up visits with schools a player wants to learn more about
  7. 7) After visiting and finalizing schools, start the application process
  8. 8) Choosing a school.

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