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On this episode, we welcome Karl Barkley of D3Direct.  Karl played at Swarthmore College and now helps educate athletes on everything D3.  In this episode we discuss the talent at the D3 level, going pro, the benefits, and talk all about financial aid.  This was a very informative episode which is a must listen to those who don’t know much about the D3 option.

What You Will Learn

  1. [0:41] Overview of episode
  2. [2:17] Information about D3Direct and why it started.
  3. [3:05] Karl wishes there was a D3Direct around when he was looking at colleges
  4. [3:40] How Karl helps current D3 athletes.
  5. [4:59] Misconceptions about D3 basketball.
  6. [6:16] Why coaches start recruiting later at D3.
  7. [8:20] Myth Buster: D3 players don’t go pro.
  8. [10:21] What has led to more D3 players going pro?
  9. [16:12] Duncan Robinson and other D3 players who have gone pro.
  10. [17:52] Myth Buster – D3 teams cannot beat D1 teams.
  11. [21:21] Myth Buster – D3 athletes are not athletic.
  12. [22:50] Myth Buster- D3 schools do not have fans.
  13. [25:42] Do D3 schools offer scholarships?
  14. [27:44] Do basketball teams have merit money they can give out?
  15. [29:15] Why would a school give a player a full ride?
  16. [36:15] Expanding beyond your sport.
  17. [39:19] What is FAFSA?
  18. [44:22] How schools determine the size of the merit pool?
  19. [48:58] What information would you have liked to know as a high school senior before going D3?
  20. [51:09] Biggest win of basketball career?
  21. [51:50] Best player ever played against?
  22. [53:48] Hobbies
  23. [55:36] Favorite Movie

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