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On this PREP Athletics Podcast we welcome former Nike executive and prep school parent to the podcast. Archie McEachern completed a post grad year himself at Maine Central Institute before playing and becoming a 2 year captain at Ithaca College. He then worked his way up the corporate ladder at Nike to at one point being in charge of Global Basketball. Archie was in charge of footwear for Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and more. He also shares his insight on helping his own son choose the right prep school. This was a great interview! Get behind the scenes on Kobe designing his shoe and more.

What You Will Learn

[2:18] How Archie found out about post grad and attending Maine Central Institute.

[5:44] Playing at Ithaca College.

[6:30] At what point as a parent did you start to discuss prep school for his son?

[8:30] Archie’s starting point on choosing prep schools for his son.

[20:30] What advice Archie gives parents and players?

[33:34] First job in the shoe industry.

[35:32] Role within Nike and working with Lebron James and Kobe.

[37:59] Behind the scenes working with Kobe Bryant on the Mamba shoe design.

[40:54] Professionalism of athletes.

[43:06] Sacrifice professional athletes make.

[46:00] Name image and likeness deals for college players

[57:03] Best player ever played against.

[53:32] Biggest win of basketball career?

[54:26] Hobbies

[55:02] Favorite Movie

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