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In this episode, we welcome Westtown School Head Coach Seth Berger.  Seth has been the coach there for 12 years and built it into a national powerhouse.  He has coached NBA players such as Cam Reddish and Mo Bamba.  He currently has the number one player in the class of 2022 and Duke signee Dereck Lively.  In this episode we discuss why he got into coaching, how he turned Westtown into a national powerhouse, the mindset and skills that his eventual NBA players possess, and placement during covid.  Seth also founded the shoe and apparel company And1.  We talk about his meeting with Larry Johnson, the And1 Mixtape Tour, and more.  This was a fun interview with tons of great insight.

What You Will Learn

  1. [2:05] Why Seth decided to coach prep school basketball?
  2. [6:21] Which prep school did Seth attend?
  3. [8:07] Steps Seth took to turn his team into a national powerhouse.
  4. [21:00] What do his players who make it to the NBA posses?
  5. [29:36] Famous Westtown school alumni
  6. [31:24] Where and when did you come up with the idea for the And1 brand?
  7. [35:32] Coolest experience while leading the And1 brand.
  8. [39:55] How did the And1 Mixtape Tour start?
  9. [43:55] Did the And1 Mixtape Tour lead to more sales?
  10. [45:00] Advice to someone who wants to start their own company?
  11. [49:20] Covid and college placement challenges
  12. [1:03:10] Biggest win as a coach?
  13. [1:05:03] Best player Seth ever coached against.
  14. [1:06:35] Hobbies
  15. [1:07:15] Favorite Movie.

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