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In this episode, we welcome the founder of Evolution Basketball, Alex Harris.  Alex played his high school ball for national ranked Gonzaga College High School in Washington DC.  He played D1 at American University and made the all freshman team for the conference.  After a coaching change, he transferred to D2 Le Moyne College.  He shares his thoughts in this conversation about the differences between the D1 and D2 levels, why he started training players, and what makes his system so successful, as well as what a player needs to possess to play at the college level.  Alex shares the 50/50 statistic which was surprising to me.  He also talks about what it takes for a guard to play at the college level, and the differences between a D3 and D1 guard.  We get into a lot more topics as well.  I really enjoyed this conversation and will now look at training and the college basketball experience in a different light.

What You Will Learn

  1. [4:40] Was playing D1 always a goal of Alex’s?
  2. [7:30] Why Alex chose to play at American University?
  3. [9:34] What led Alex to transfer from American?
  4. [15:21] Differences and misconceptions between D1 and D2?
  5. [17:58] Why did Alex start training basketball players?
  6. [21:15] What makes Evolution Basketball different as a training company?
  7. [25:35] Evolution’s method of training
  8. [28:10] Does a basketball trainer need to have played college basketball to be a good trainer?
  9. [31:10] What attributes do the kids who go on to play college basketball possess?
  10. [33:31] What do guards need in order to play at the college level?
  11. [34:30] Difference between a D3 and D1 guard?
  12. [43:24] Difference between D3 Buzz Anthony and D1 Chris Lykes
  13. [47:01] Great experience playing D3 or subpar experience playing D1
  14. [56:15] 50/50 statistic about college basketball players may surprise you.
  15. [1:02:48] What makes a player D1 caliber?
  16. [1:03:35] Do basketball players need a trainer now days or can they train on their own?
  17. [1:05] What a basketball trainer does to help the player.
  18. [1:10:30] Evolution Basketball’s new college prep program.
  19. [1:16:59] Best player Alex ever guarded
  20. [1:17:35] Biggest win of career
  21. [1:17:44] Favorite Movie


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