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In this week’s episode we have the honor of talking to Coach Dave Taylor.  Dave was Cory’s coach at Air Force and the two have traveled the world for the game of basketball.  Dave is one of the top coaches that Cory has ever been around and he wanted to ask Coach Taylor some of the main questions that players and their families ask on a continual basis.  

What You Will Learn

  1. [2:00] How should a player pick an AAU team?
  2. [4:14] Making it to the finals at an AAU event.  Does that help get you seen by college coaches?
  3. [6:42] Is it better to be on a team and get more playing time? Or be on a team with more talent and getting challenged in practice?
  4. [10:55] What are the attributes that D1 players possess vs. non D1 players?
  5. [13:52] What is the hardest skill for a player to acquire?
  6. [18:15] What skills can a player work on by themselves?
  7. [21:36] Do players need to have a trainer?
  8. [22:43] Criteria for hiring a trainer?
  9. [26:09] Advice Coach Taylor give to players on which college to choose.
  10. [28:20] Thoughts on transfer portal?
  11. [31:55] Parental behavior
  12. [36:18] What caused the shift in parent’s behaviors?
  13. [45:38] What qualities do players who make it in the NBA possess?
  14. [49:27] How Dave got his basketball passion?
  15. [54:45] Do kids today still have the real passion for basketball or are there too many distractions?
  16. [59:43] Playing multiple sports and then specialize.
  17. [1:02:27] Favorite Movie.
  18. [1:03:03] Best player ever coached against?
  19. [1:04:48] Biggest win of career?
  20. .

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