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In this week’s episode we welcome author and former NBA player Paul Shirley to the podcast.  Paul has written four books to include one that covers his journey from college, to playing international to eventually making it to the NBA.  Paul discusses coming from a small town, what was inside him that gave him that drive to make it to the NBA, and the best and worst parts of playing at a high major college, internationally and the NBA.  We also talk about some stories from his books to include yelling at Scottie Pippen on the Bulls team plane.  His second book, “Stories I Tell on Dates,” is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:56] What did Paul’s small town possess that helped him get to the highest level.

  2. [4:01] Strength coaches and trainers

  3. [8:34] What is the main attribute that players who go to the NBA possess?

  4. [11:23] Would one be successful without that “certain feeling” inside?

  5. [13:00] What did Paul’s professional teammates around the world possess?

  6. [17:46] The best and worst part of playing at a high major college program.

  7. [20:30] The best and worst part of playing in an international professional league?

  8. [23:06] Did Paul want to get back to the US to play in the NBA or did he enjoy playing in Europe?

  9. [24:46] The best and worst parts of playing in the NBA

  10. [26:52] Interesting NBA fact

  11. [30:00] Being an author and a story about yelling at Scottie Pippen on the Bulls chartered plane.

  12. [47:43] Favorite Movie

  13. [47:50] Best player played against?

  14. [51:14] Most points scored in a game?

  15. [52:48] Favorite arena to play?

  16. [55:51] Biggest win of career?

  17. [57:49] Best concert of all time? 


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