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Jim McCarthy is the head coach at Cheshire Academy.  After playing at Hamilton, Jim coached at Williams where he won a D3 national championship.  From there he coached D1 at Yale, Northeastern ,and Towson.  In this conversation we discuss the differences between playing D1 vs D3, what it takes to be a D1 player, the pros/cons of being a walk-on, the differences between NEPSAC AAA, AA, and A programs, and more.  

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:42] What made Jim want to get into college coaching?

  2. [6:01] Difference between high level D3 and the Ivy league?

  3. [8:29] Pros and cons of playing in the Ivy league?

  4. [10:35] Have Ivy leagues used NIL(name image likeness) deals to help offset the tuition?

  5. [12:40] What can players do to become a D1 guard?

  6. [17:54] Is D1 everything it seems to be?

  7. [21:00] Cheshire Academy pitch.  Why play here?

  8. [24:50] Famous Cheshire Academy alumni

  9. [28:26] Placement during Covid and players Jim is looking for

  10. [33:05] Thoughts on being a preferred walk on?

  11. [36:24] Politics of being a walk on

  12. [42:17] Differences between the 3 levels of NEPSAC (AAA, AA, A)

  13. [44:58] Does it matter which level a player chooses?

  14. [49:52] Picking a school based on a relationship with a coach.

  15. [55:10] What gets a coach to click an email?

  16. [56:15] Has placement timing changed w/ Covid and the portal?

  17. [1:01:55] Biggest win of career?

  18. [1:02:39] Best player coached against?

  19. [1:03:55] Hobbies

  20. [1:04:09] Favorite Movie


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