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Mike Byrnes is the head coach at The Tilton School which is located in New Hampshire. This is Mike’s first year at Tilton.  Mike grew up in Massachusettes before completing a post grad year at Fork Union.  He then played at St Francis (PA) before transferring to UMass.  Here he played under first year head coach John Calipari.  After this Mike had stints coaching in the prep school world to include Hargrave Military and Winchendon.  After being a D1 assistant at Robert Morris and the head coach at D3 Rhode Island College, Mike got back into the prep school world.  In this episode we talk about what it takes to be a D1 guard, how to build a prep school powerhouse, and much more.  

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:36] How did Mike know about a post grad year?  Why did he choose Fork Union?

  2. [5:23] Playing at UMass after transferring from St Francis (PA)

  3. [8:14] What Mike learned playing for Coach John Calpari.

  4. [10:03] What is his pitch for the Tilton School?

  5. [12:57] Mike’s coaching experience.

  6. [14:29] What does it take for a guard to play at the D1 level?

  7. [18:28] Transition from D1 assistant coach to D3 head coach.

  8. [21:24] Coaching prep school basketball vs the college levels?

  9. [24:22] Pros/Cons of playing and coaching D1.

  10. [23:39] How Mike turned Winchendon School into a prep school powerhouse?

  11. [27:40] Famous Tilton School Alumni

  12. [41:29] Thoughts on current NCAA transfer rule?

  13. [49:04] Player who has had biggest growth and surprised Mike in his prep school year.

  14. [52:27] Biggest win of Mike’s career?

  15. [53:10] Best player coached against?

  16. [53:52] Hobbies

  17. [54:21] Favorite Movie


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