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On this week’s podcast we welcome David Maurice Smith.  David grew up in Vancouver British Columbia and played college basketball at Simon Frazier University.  After traveling the world he settled in Australia with his family where he is a professional photographer.  David has been featured in cover stories for The New York Times Magazine.  In this episode we talk about First Blood being filmed in his neighborhood while he was a kid, playing against Steve Nash, celebrity encounters, living in Australia and more.  David is one of my brothers and we have a good time swapping stories.  This is an example of a lifelong friendship that can come from a shared love of the game of basketball.  

What You Will Learn

  1. [3:05] Why he chose to play basketball?
  2. [4:45] Playing in British Columbia against Steve Nash in the early days.
  3. [7:27] Attending NAIA school Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.
  4. [11:07] Biggest thing Dave learned playing in college.
  5. [16:17] Filming Rambo: First Blood in Dave’s childhood neighborhood.
  6. [23:09] Fans in college basketball games.
  7. [26:00] Stories from Canada.
  8. [36:20] How Dave got into photography.
  9. [54:26] Best and worst part of living in Australia?
  10. [56:06] Working with the New York Times.
  11. [1:01:44] What Australian basketball players do that’s different than other countries.
  12. [1:04:44] Favorite basketball player of all time?
  13. [1:06:41] Best player played against?
  14. [1:07:03] Biggest win of basketball career?
  15. [1:08:13] Most famous person in phone contacts?
  16. [1:09:27] Hobbies
  17. [1:10:05] Favorite Movie

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