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On this week’s podcast we are joined by Andrew Petcash. Andrew played D1 at Boston University and at the end of 2021 shared his first post on what became The Petcash Post. In this informative conversation we talk about playing D1 versus being in the military, things no one tells you about D1, NIL deals, the NCAA transfer rule, picking an agent, becoming a billionaire and much more.

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:59] When did Andrew realize he had something important to share?
  2. [2:32] What story got Andrew interested in this topic?
  3. [3:26] Where did you feature these first articles?
  4. [4:19] Most famous person to like or retweet a Twitter post?
  5. [12:12] Picking agent and financial advisor if you are a pro.
  6. [22:00] Military paying the tuition of college athletes.
  7. [26:26] St. Peter’s run to the Elite 8 and the financial windfall that came from it.
  8. [30:07] Is the NIL for college athletes a bubble?
  9. [30:18] Worst case scenario for a NIL bubble?
  10. [33:51] Ivy Leagues taking advantage of NIL deals.
  11. [38:08] What you want others to know about the inside world of a D1 program?
  12. [41:46] Distrust with schools and the players and how to protect oneself.
  13. [44:22] Examples of a bad deal where someone was taken advantage of.
  14. [47:35] Will more players stay in the college game because they can make more money?
  15. [53:54] Pressure on players to perform.
  16. [55:53] Benefits of playing another sport in high school.
  17. [58:38] How growing up in a house of college athletes helped Andrew?
  18. [1:00:14] What is the one thing a player has to possess to make it to the NBA?
  19. [1:09:12] Biggest win of playing career.
  20. [1:10:15] Best player played against.
  21. [1:11:04] Hobbies
  22. [1:11:38] Favorite Movie
  23. [1:12:15] Which Petcash Newsletter should people read first?.

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