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On this episode we welcome Coach Raphael Chillious of the South Kent School back to the podcast. I wanted to have Coach Chillious back to go over some of the most asked questions in the prep school and college recruiting world. In this episode we answer the following questions and more:

What You Will Learn

  1. -Is it better for a player to leave high school early to go to a prep school for multiple years, or graduate from their current school and just do a post-grad year?
  2. -What is the difference between a preferred walk-on, recruited walk-on, and walk-on?
  3. -Do college coaches prefer a player from a high school or a prep school?
  4. -Do D1 coaching staffs look at paid recruiting services i.e. NCSA?
  5. -Does it matter to college coaches what class you are playing at in New England?
  6. -Do prep schools like international players?
  7. -Some prep schools have multiple teams. What are the pros and cons of being on a second team?
  8. -Is it a true offer if you didn’t get it directly from the head college coach?
  9. -What should a player include in their highlight tape?.

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