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    This week we welcome author Níall Ó Murchú. Níall and I connected in Poland in early 2020 at the Wim Hof retreat in Southern Poland. Níall was my group leader and he spent the week teaching us the power of breath and how you incorporate it with the cold. Níall and I are both former hoopers who have wives named Josie! In this conversation we discuss how he got introduced to the cold and Wim Hof, his record setting performance in the European U19 basketball games, tips for young athletes on how to incorporate these modalities and much more.
    Hear us talk about climbing a mountain with just shorts and boots on while it was 17 degrees out. I was trying to survive while Níall was profusely sweating. And learn more about spending ten long minutes in a snowmelt creek. I loved talking to Níall again and hope you enjoy it. His books can be purchased in the linktree below. Not too shabby that Oprah suggested a passage from his latest book, “The Power of Cold.”

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