Dive into the biggest topics of the year in prep school basketball. Playing time, NEPSAC, boarding school, college placement, and so much more. 


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From boosting your playing time to NEPSAC’s big change, Cory breaks down 2023’s biggest topics in prep school basketball.🏀🎓

Join PREP Athletics Podcast for a deep dive into the December 2023 State of the Union in prep sports! Explore vital topics like New England Prep School experiences, strategies for handling playing time concerns, and gaining a competitive edge in college placement. Get insider insights on addressing recent questions, including unique tips on college outreach. Plus, discover why a diverse background can be your secret weapon, and don’t miss NEPSAC’s potential shift to year-round basketball! Tune in to stay ahead in the world of prep school basketball. 


00:00 Intro

00:35 New England Prep School Trip

01:16 Junior Boarding Schools

02:32 Addressing Recent Questions

02:55 Concerns About Gun Violence in Maine

04:34 How to Address Playing Time at Prep Schools

06:59 What To Do If You Can’t Get More Playing Time at Prep School

09:16 How To Get Placed At A College (Outside of Your Coach)

10:32 Why You Should Reach Out to The Schools You DON’T pick

12:22 Why a Diverse Background Gives You an Edge

13:19 NEPSAC Considers Allowing Year Round Basketball

15:02 Summing Up

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