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  1. This episode is a recording of a special Zoom roundtable PREP Athletics held w/ three AAU experts. We discuss how to pick the right team, if tournaments matter, and do you need to play AAU to play in college, plus much more. This was very informative and a must listen for families trying to navigate this sometimes shady part of the youth basketball world.

    Dave Taylor is a former D1 player and assistant coach who has run AAU events since the 1980s. He runs his own AAU program in Connecticut called DTX. He is the author of the book, “The AAU Wasteland.”

    Tom Bower is the co-founder of the Kentucky Basketball Commission. He has over a decade of experience running travel basketball events and also runs a consulting company for pro athletes.

    Travis Branham is a national basketball analyst for 24/7 Sports. He spent four years as an assistant to national scout Evan Daniels.


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