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Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the PREP Athletics Podcast! This week, we’re thrilled to host Adam Donyes, who shares the story behind founding Link Year Prep, a unique post-graduate program designed to help student-athletes bridge the gap between high school and college. He discusses the importance of developing character and leadership skills alongside athletic prowess, creating a holistic approach to student-athlete development.

Key Takeaways

🏆 Link Year Prep’s Unique Approach:
Discover how Link Year Prep integrates academic rigor, athletic training, and personal growth to prepare students for college and life.

💪 Importance of Mentorship:
Learn about the pivotal role mentors play in the personal and professional development of student-athletes.

🤝 Personal Development:
Understand the comprehensive programs focused on character-building, leadership, and life skills.

🗒️ Preparing for College Basketball:

Get practical advice and insights on what it takes to excel at the college level from someone who has guided many athletes to success.

About Link Year Prep

Located in Branson, Missouri, Link Year offers a post-graduate year focused on personal, academic, and athletic development. By fostering a supportive and challenging environment, Link Year aims to equip students with the skills and mindset needed to succeed in college and beyond.


0:00 Introduction
2:15 Adam Donyes’ Background and Journey
6:45 Founding of Link Year Prep
10:30 The Mission and Vision of Link Year Prep
14:50 The Role of Mentorship in Student-Athlete Development
21:05 Personal Development Programs at Link Year Prep
28:20 Preparing Athletes for College Basketball
34:15 Success Stories from Link Year Prep
40:00 Advice for Aspiring Athletes and Their Families
45:30 Closing Thoughts and How to Connect with Link Year Prep

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