College basketball recruiting comes along with a lot of choices. College basketball coaches have different preferences when it comes to recruiting players from high school or prep school. It often depends on various factors, including the coach’s coaching philosophy, the specific needs of the team, and the talent pool available.

Recruiting High School Players:

  1. Development: Some coaches prefer recruiting high school players because they believe in developing players from a younger age. They value the opportunity to mold and shape players’ skills and basketball IQ over several years.
  2. Long-term Investment: Coaches may see high school recruits as a long-term investment for their program. They can work with these players for multiple seasons and build a strong foundation for the team’s future.
  3. Familiarity: High school players are often well-known within their communities. This makes it easier for coaches to evaluate their skills, character, and potential fit for their program. Coaches may have a better understanding of a high school player’s background and the competition they have faced.

Recruiting Prep School Players:

  1. Competitive Level: Prep schools often provide a higher level of competition compared to most high schools. Coaches might be attracted to players who have faced tougher opponents and have been exposed to a more intense basketball environment.
  2. Readiness: Prep school players may be more physically and mentally prepared for the college game. They often spend an extra year or two in a structured basketball program, which can enhance their skills and help them transition smoothly to the college level.
  3. Exposure and Recruiting Networks: Prep schools are frequently attended by talented players from different regions, allowing coaches to scout a wider range of prospects. Furthermore, prep schools often have established relationships with college coaches, making it easier for recruiters to connect with potential recruits.

Ultimately, the choice between recruiting high school or prep school players varies from coach to coach. When it comes to college basketball recruiting, many coaches adopt a balanced approach. That is to say, they consider players from both pools to build a well-rounded and competitive team.  But since the pandemic college coaches have mostly recruited players in this order: 1) Transfer Portal 2) JUCO 3) International 4) Prep School 5) High School   Check out a clip from a PREP Athletics podcast below discussing this:

-Do College Basketball Coaches Prefer Recruiting High School or Prep School Players? Feat. Coach Raphael Chillious

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