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What You Will Learn

  1. [2.13] Coach Messinger’s background and why he decided to play basketball.

    [3.49] Coach talks about his own experience doing a post grad year and how it helped him.

    [6.23] Advice for guards, and how to get to the next level.

    [8:01] Coach Messinger discusses when he realized he wanted to be a basketball coach.

    [8:54] First coaching job.

    [10:43] Information about Hargrave Military Academy.

    [14:02] The style of Hargrave Military Academy.

    [15:50] What does military structure bring to a post grad year program.

    [18:13] Placement of players during Covid and how it is working.

    [19:30] Who and how we recruit to the program.

    [23:00] Social media, how we use it and how it works for the program.

    [24.40] Hargrave assistant coaches and what they bring to the program.

    [28.30] Favorite Hargrave success story.

    [31.30] Coach Messinger’s hobbies and life outside of basketball.

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