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What You Will Learn

  1. [4:00] When Blair decided to get into the strength and conditioning industry.
  2. [9:00] How strength coaches can make an impact.
  3. [10:10] Kevin Durant’s work ethic and how that got him to where he is today.
  4. [15:43 ] What attributes got Kevin Durant to the NBA?
  5. [19:54] What qualities do the NBA players Blair works with possess? 
  6. [24:59] Benefits and challenges working as the head strength coach with the Washington Wizards.
  7. [27:57] Three best lifts for basketball players.
  8. [30:54] Mistakes athletes make in the weight room.
  9. [32:24] Do players need a weight room, trainer and/or specific equipment to get where they need to be?
  10. [35:05] Nutrition and sleep tips
  11. [41:42] Best convenience store options for players on the run.
  12. [46:33] What did Blair do 10 years ago that he no longer does?
  13. [50:03] What do other countries do better in strength and conditioning than the USA, and what do they not do as well? 
  14. [53:01] Favorite/least favorite workout/lift?
  15. [57:04] Best player ever played against?
  16. [58:45] Hobbies[1:01:13] Favorite Movie.

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