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Show Notes

Join us as we dive into the incredible journey of Terrell Ivory, the head coach at Phillips Academy Andover. In this episode, Terrell shares his inspiring story, from his post-graduate year at Andover, to playing at Davidson College, to his professional basketball career in England. He also opens up about his coaching experiences at Blair Academy and Colgate University.

Terrell emphasizes the importance of education, hard work, and balancing academics with athletics. He discusses the significance of relationships and truly caring for the well-being of players, both on and off the court. As a coach, Terrell is passionate about helping young athletes reach their goals and improve in all aspects of their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Post-Graduate Year at Andover: How it set the foundation for Terrell’s future success.
  • College Basketball at Davidson: What it was like playing and learning under Coach McKillop.
  • Professional Play and Coaching: Insights from playing in England and coaching at Blair Academy and Colgate.
  • Transformative Power of Education: How education can create positive change and personal growth.
  • Skills for D1 Level Guards: The importance of selflessness and doing the little things to help the team win.
  • Running a Marathon: Lessons in discipline, mental toughness, and overcoming adversity.
  • Gratitude and Positive Mindset: Essential elements for personal happiness and success.

Terrell’s story is a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and the transformative impact of great coaching. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, a coach, or a parent, you’ll find valuable insights in this episode.


0:00 Introduction and Background
6:08 Transition to Davidson College
9:08 Lessons Learned from Coaching at Blair Academy
14:13 Witnessing the Success of Steph Curry at Davidson
17:56 Gaining a New Perspective at Colgate University
30:44 The Fulfillment of Coaching and Youth Development
34:04 The Transformative Power of Education
36:47 What It Takes for a Guard to Play at the D1 Level
39:33 Lessons Learned from Running a Marathon
46:32 The Importance of Gratitude and a Positive Mindset

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