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    In this episode of the Prep Athletics Podcast, host Cory Heitz interviews Joe Busacca, the head coach of Hotchkiss School. They discuss the unique aspects of Hotchkiss as a high academic prep school, including its location, boarding program, and extensive facilities. Busacca emphasizes the importance of building personal connections with his players and helping them improve their skills. He also talks about the college placement process and the role of essays and interviews in the admissions process. Busacca shares his approach to recruiting and developing players, as well as the benefits of having a smaller team. In this conversation, Joe Busacca discusses his journey as a basketball player and coach. He shares how he transformed himself from a poor shooter to a skilled player through hard work and dedication. He also talks about the challenges he faced as a college coach and the importance of developing a winning culture. Joe emphasizes the qualities of a successful point guard and the level of competition in Division III basketball. He concludes by advising student-athletes to find the right fit in a college program and to ask important questions during the recruiting process.


  • Hotchkiss School is unique due to its location, boarding program, and extensive facilities.
  • When recruiting players, Joe focuses on building personal connections and promises skill development rather than playing time.
  • The college placement process involves showcasing players at open gyms and showcase games, as well as being involved in the college process and making connections.
  • Coaching at Curry College was a challenging experience, but it helped Joe grow professionally.
  • Coaching at Amherst College allowed Joe to recruit high-level players and compete in a highly competitive conference.
  • Point guards at the D1 level need to impact winning, possess leadership qualities, and have a strong work ethic.
  • The best player Joe played against was Trey Burke, and the best player he coached against was a point guard from Canterbury School.
  • Joe’s favorite movie is Lord of the Rings, and his hobbies include golf and spending time with his wife.
  • Recruits should ask tough questions and ensure that the values of the school align with their own.


00:00 | Introduction and What Makes Hotchkiss Special
02:09 | Recruiting and College Placement
04:43 | College Placement and Differences in Game Length
08:15 | Admissions Tips for Applying to Prep Schools
12:40 | Coaching Career and Transition to Hotchkiss
22:49 | Transition to Amherst College
25:08 | Coaching at Amherst and Differences from Curry College
29:25 | Coaching at the D1 Level and Qualities of a Point Guard
34:07 | Best Player Played Against and Coached Against
35:49 | Favorite Movie and Hobbies
36:20 | Final Thoughts and Advice for Recruits

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