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In this podcast episode, Cory interviews Hollman, a former prep school basketball player who is now a walk-on at James Madison University. They discuss Hollman’s decision to do a post-graduate year, his experience at Tilton School, the benefits and challenges of prep school basketball, dealing with homesickness, and how prep school prepared him for Division I basketball. They also talk about the importance of choosing the right coach, Hollman’s decision to attend James Madison, his experience as a walk-on, and the unseen pressures in Division I basketball. Hollman shares advice for kids considering a post-graduate year and offers insights into his career and personal life. The episode concludes with a discussion on Hollman’s favorite movie and hobbies, as well as final thoughts and advice for listeners.


  • Consider doing a post-graduate year if your college basketball options are limited
  •  Choose a prep school based on the coach’s experience and their commitment to helping you reach your goals
  • The competition in prep school basketball is intense and prepares players for the next level
  • Building relationships with teammates is crucial for overcoming homesickness
  • The practice culture and high-level competition in prep school prepare players for Division I basketball
  • When choosing a college, consider the coaching staff’s vision for the program and their commitment to player development
  • Being a walk-on requires putting ego aside and embracing your role on the team
  • The best part of being a walk-on is the opportunity to contribute in practice and help the team prepare
  • The most challenging part of being a walk-on is not playing in games and managing expectations
  • Success in Division I basketball requires navigating the politics and pressures of the sport
  • Take your time and make decisions based on what’s best for you, not external pressures
  • The best wins and toughest opponents leave a lasting impact on players
  • Outside of basketball, it’s important to have hobbies and spend time with family and friends
  • Trust your instincts and find the best fit for your basketball career and personal growth


00:00 | Introduction and Post-Grad Year Decision
01:12 | Choosing Tilton School
02:10 | Benefits and Challenges of Prep School Basketball
03:27 | Dealing with Homesickness
04:18 | Surprises and Preparation for Division I Basketball
05:36 | Advice for Kids Considering a Post-Graduate Year
06:28 | Importance of Choosing the Right Coach
07:25 | Choosing James Madison University
08:10 | Experience as a Walk-On
09:34 | Best and Most Challenging Parts of Being a Walk-On
11:38 | Impact of James Madison’s Top 25 Ranking
12:37 | Unseen Pressures in Division I Basketball
13:38 | Advice for Hollman’s Brother and Others
14:52 | Best Wins and Toughest Opponents
16:57 | Favorite Movie and Hobbies
17:38 | Final Thoughts and Advice
18:31 | Social Media and Conclusion

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