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Coach Myers is originally from Roanoke, VA.  He grew up in the gym under the watch of his father who was a coach.  He is familiar with the post grad year as he went to Hargrave Military Academy before playing at Shepard College.  Coach Myers started his coaching career at Hargrave, before becoming a D1 assistant at Radford University.  Massanutten Military Academy was his next coaching job before  becoming the camp director at Hoop Group Elite.   He also was the post grad coach for Elev8 Academy.   Coach Myers is currently the head Post Grad Coach at IMG Academy. 

 In this episode Coach Myers talks about his experience as a post grad player prepared him and eventually his players for the college game. Plus you never know who is in the gym watching.

What You Will Learn

  1. [1:05] Coach Myer’s background and why he chose basketball.
  2. [2:44] How he learned about the post grad option.
  3. [4:33] Coach Myers own experience with a post grad year at Hargrave.
  4. [6:12] Playing with your team and how to get better.
  5. [9:11] Hoop Group Elite and work ethic.
  6. [11:30] Coming to IMG Academy and all the available resources.
  7. [15:20] The professional staff at IMG Academy.
  8. [16:00] What does $85,000 tuition get you?
  9. [17:10] Is it worth the money to come to IMG Academy?
  10. [19:00] Building the IMG Academy basketball team.
  11. [20:10] College placement during Covid.
  12. [22.35] Figuring out during these times if players can do another year at the post grad and/or college level.
  13. [24:51] Biggest judgment on prep schools.
  14. [26.50] Player success story.
  15. [29.08] Best game as a coach and best player Coach Myers ever coached against.
  16. [31.12] Hobbies for Coach Myers when not coaching.

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