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What You Will Learn

  1. [1:05] Coach Myer’s background and why he chose basketball.

    [2:44] How he learned about the post grad option.

    [4:33] Coach Myers own experience with a post grad year at Hargrave.

    [6:12] Playing with your team and how to get better.

    [9:11] Hoop Group Elite and work ethic.

    [11:30] Coming to IMG Academy and all the available resources.

    [15:20] The professional staff at IMG Academy.

    [16:00] What does $85,000 tuition get you?

    [17:10] Is it worth the money to come to IMG Academy?

    [19:00] Building the IMG Academy basketball team.

    [20:10] College placement during Covid.

    [22.35] Figuring out during these times if players can do another year at the post grad and/or college level.

    [24:51] Biggest judgment on prep schools.

    [26.50] Player success story.

    [29.08] Best game as a coach and best player Coach Myers ever coached against.

    [31.12] Hobbies for Coach Myers when not coaching


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