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Show Notes

In this bonus episode of the Prep Athletics podcast, Coach Cory recaps his experience at the 2024 Final Four. He flew down to Phoenix to support his cousin Brad Miller, who played for Purdue. He describes the mix of fans from each school, with Purdue, NC State, UConn, and Alabama all showing strong support. Cory shares his experience at a packed Purdue bar, where Brad was treated like a celebrity. He also mentions celebrity sightings and the excitement of being in a stadium with a large crowd. Cory concludes by expressing his enjoyment of the event and his willingness to attend again in the future.


Attending the Final Four is a fun and exciting experience, especially when you have a team to cheer for.
The mix of fans from different schools adds to the atmosphere of the event.
Celebrity sightings and being in a packed stadium contribute to the overall enjoyment.
Despite the outcome, Cory is grateful for the opportunity to attend the Final Four and considers it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


00:23 Intro
01:07 The Mix of Fans from Each School
01:42 Going to a Purdue Bar
02:24 Getting to the Game
03:23 Celebrity Sightings
03:57 Prep School Connections
04:34 The National Championship Game
05:37 Main Takeaways

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