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Show Notes

    In this conversation with Tom Bower, President of Athlete Advantage, we cover the changes in the NIL landscape, including mistakes and risks, finding an attorney for deals, donor fatigue, the employee model for college athletes, and NIL in the Ivy League. On top of that, we discuss hiring an agent for NIL deals, capitalizing on marketability, creative fundraising for college athletes, discussing NIL during recruitment, and locker room issues involving NIL. We also go into NIL for high school and prep school players, compliance and transparency in NIL deals, setting up an online store for NIL, the percentage of profits for athletes, and the best and worst case scenarios for NIL. This conversation explores the importance of building a brand as a student-athlete and how it can lead to business partnerships. It also discusses the role of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) as an added tool in sports.


  • Student athletes should focus on building a brand that shows they care about the community and fans, as businesses are more likely to partner with athletes who have a strong brand.
  • Building a brand can be done through community service work and being mindful of what is posted on social media.
  • By building a strong character and being a safe bet for businesses, student athletes can open up opportunities for NIL deals.
  • NIL provides student athletes with additional incentives to excel academically, be upstanding citizens, and serve the community.


00:00 | Introduction and Overview
00:36 | Changes in the NIL Landscape
04:03 | Mistakes and Risks in NIL Deals
06:07 | Finding an Attorney for NIL Deals
08:24 | Donor Fatigue in NIL Deals
11:19 | Employee Model for College Athletes
13:23 | NIL in the Ivy League
14:04 | Hiring an Agent for NIL Deals
17:00 | Choosing the Right Agent
22:26 | Capitalizing on Marketability
24:46 | Creative Fundraising for College Athletes
29:49 | Discussing NIL during Recruitment
32:49 | Locker Room Issues and NIL
35:05 | NIL for High School and Prep School Players
36:09 | Compliance and Transparency in NIL Deals
38:24 | Setting Up an Online Store for NIL
41:06 | Percentage of Profits for Athletes
44:25 | Best and Worst Case Scenarios for NIL
47:21 | Final Thoughts
48:29 | Building a Brand for Business Partnerships
50:39 | Building a Brand as a Student Athlete
52:35 | NIL as an Added Tool to Sports

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