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Show Notes

Oak Hill Academy Legend, Coach Steve Smith, discusses his experiences coaching NBA players, the importance of work ethic and desire, the impact of specialization in sports, changes in the game, recruiting and placing players, and the opportunities he had as a college coach. He also discusses his career decisions, coaching against LeBron James, his biggest win, his favorite movie, and his connection to Al Pruitt and Henry Clay. Coach Smith reflects on his decision to stay at Oak Hill despite other opportunities, including an assistant job at Louisville, and dives into winning the Geico National Tournament in 2016.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:16 Coaching NBA Players
02:16 Work Ethic and Desire
03:16 Specialization in Sports
04:41 Injuries and Training
07:33 Changes in the Game
08:32 Strength and Conditioning
10:25 Surprising Players
11:50 Building a National Powerhouse
15:10 Recruiting and Placing Players
19:53 Changes in College Recruiting
23:13 Transfers in High School and College
25:04 Building a Team at Oak Hill
29:27 Recruiting Process at Oak Hill
34:15 Choosing College Programs
39:05 What it Takes to Play at the D1 Level
43:20 Opportunities as a College Coach
44:46 Career Decisions and Staying at Oak Hill
47:08 Coaching Against LeBron James
50:18 Biggest Win of Steve Smith’s Career
52:40 Favorite Movie of All Time: Hoosiers
54:58 Connection to Al Pruitt and Henry Clay
58:48 Closing Remarks

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