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Show Notes

In this episode, Coach Cory is joined by Coach John Zall of Phelps School, Coach John Zall of Vermont Academy, and Coach Lamar Reddicks of Milton Academy. They discuss current trends in the prep school world. They highlight the importance of prep school as an option for players, especially with colleges trending older and the need for advocates in the recruiting process. The coaches emphasize the exposure and connections they have to college coaches, which helps their players get placed in college.

They also discuss the importance of finding the right fit for players and how prep schools prepare students for college both academically and personally. The coaches share their criteria for potential student-athletes, including a desire to be at the school, a willingness to work hard, and a commitment to improving as a basketball player. They also highlight the benefits of living on campus and having easy access to gym facilities. The coaches emphasize the importance of access to facilities and the opportunity to play with and against talented players. They highlight the benefits of AAU basketball for exposure and the value of the scholastic period in prep schools.


  • Prep school is an important option for players, especially with colleges trending older and the need for advocates in the recruiting process.
  • Prep school coaches provide exposure and connections to college coaches, helping players get placed in college.
  • Finding the right fit is crucial, considering factors like academic reputation, location, and coaching staff.
  • Living on campus provides easy access to gym facilities, allowing players to work on their skills and improve.
  • Prep schools also prepare students for college life by teaching life skills and providing a supportive community. Quality over quantity is important in basketball training
  • AAU basketball provides opportunities for exposure and playing against good competition
  • Prep schools offer a unique experience and the chance to play against high-level competition


0:22 Introductions
4:25 Why is prep school an important option for young basketball players?
13:13 Finding the right fitting prep school
16:03 Helping student-athletes set the right expectations
19:42 Helping students decide between schools
23:44 The Ideal Prep School Basketball Candidate
28:55 The Benefits of Living on Campus
33:18 How important is AAU to pair with the prep school experience?
34:47 The advantage of the scholastic period that prep schools do in the summer
39:40 What’s something families forget about when researching prep schools?
45:29 What does it take to be a D1 Guard?
49:01 Advice for an unranked high schooler who wants to play D1?
53:15 What to know about each program and contact info for each

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