When a player talks to a prep school coach for the first time, it is a good idea to ask them questions that you are interested in getting the answers to.  After talking to a few coaches and comparing their answers to the same questions, you will have a better understanding of who you would want to play for.  These are just a few examples.  Feel free to ask on any topic that you are interested in.


-How many players do you have at my position?

-What level of college ball do you think I can play?

-Do you have two teams?  If so how does the second team work? Who coaches? Placement?

-How many days of open gym do you have each week in the fall?

-Do you coach or train players during the fall?

-What is your strength training program?  Who is the strength coach?

-What is your team’s culture?

-What style do you play?

-What is our competition?

-How do you help me with college recruiting?

-Do you help place me on an AAU team?

-Do you recommend elite/exposure camps I could go to?

-Can I talk to parents/players from last year’s team?

-Will I have to play a second sport?


(Post Grad)

-What classes do I have to take?

-Do you offer AP classes?

-Do you offer college classes?  If so with who? Online or in person?

-What are your class sizes?

-Do you offer ACT/SAT prep?  Will I take these tests while there?


-If I am reclassing what will my academic schedule be?

-Where have you sent graduates to college?


-Where can I hang out when not in school/class?

-What is the closest airport?

-How many other countries/states are represented at the school?

-Are there mental health counselors on campus if needed?

-Is there a school nurse?

-What is I get hurt or injured?

-What other clubs could I join?


-Do you all offer financial aid?  Is it need or merit based?

-How is this determined?

-When do you offer acceptance letters?  March 10th or is it rolling admissions?

-Do I need to fill out a financial aid form?



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