There has been quite a few basketball academies formed in the past few years.  Some are good and some are criminal.  The biggest problem I have seen is parents and players not doing their due diligence and asking coaches of these programs some tough questions.  If they cannot answer them with confidence, then you might want to look elsewhere.  Also be sure to talk to former players in this program to see how their experience panned out.  Do you due diligence.  This is too important of a decision to make lightly.

Questions to ask a non-traditional basketball program:

1) How long have you been in existence?

2) Who have you placed in college programs and where have they gone?

3) Have you placed everyone that has come through your program?  If not why?

4) Can you provide references of past players and parents that I can talk to?

5) What is the housing set up?  Do you have pictures or videos?

6) Will there be an adult staying with the players? Who is the adult and what is their background?

7) What is the food situation?  Will I have to pay additional?  What if I need to lose/gain weight?

8) Is there a trainer on staff? What if I need physical therapy or have to visit the hospital?

9) What is the academic situation?

10) If you are an academic school do you have NCAA accreditation?

11) What is your class size?

12) Are all the classes online?  If so, through who?  What are class times each day? Who is the monitor?

13) Do you offer ACT/SAT prep? Do players take these tests during their time in your program?

14) Has anyone on the staff ever been arrested? If so, what for? If you need to ask this should you be sending your child here?

15) How much does this cost?  If the program shuts down will there be a refund?

16) Do you offer a payment plan?

17) Does everyone pay the same price? Even the good players?

18) How many players will be in the program next year?

19) If more than one team, which one will I be on?

20) What teams do you play? How many games?  How often do you practice? What type of development do you offer? Skills, strength and conditioning.  Do you have a weight room or access to one?

21) Will college coaches be at events? Open gyms?

22) What is your playing style? Coaching philosophy? Background of the coaches? Where did they play/coach?

23) Do you help with any summer camp or AAU camp suggestions?

24) Do you film games? Are they put on Hudl or another service? Livestream games?

25) Do we do anything culturally in the local area during the year?

26) Why do you charge an application fee?



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