Why should a basketball player attend a prep school for a post grad year? This is the third post in a series which will address the reasons why a basketball player should consider attending a prep school. The goal of these articles is to provide information which will help one better understand their options. You can see the previous two posts here and here.

This article will focus on the benefit of advanced coaching and competition at the prep school level.  There are many reasons to complete a post grad year.  One of the main ones is to improve your skill-set.  How will this happen at a prep school?

Prep school coaches are some of the best in the country.  A majority of the coaches have played college basketball and some have even attended prep schools themselves.  The ranks of prep school coaches also include many who have worked at the collegiate level. When a prep school coaching job becomes available, the school is inundated with resumes of qualified coaches who know the benefits of coaching in the prep school world.  This high demand allows prep schools to hire coaches who are great tacticians, motivators, skill developers and have great connections to help place their players in college.

A prep school roster consists of recruited players from around the United States and world.  There are different levels of competition depending on the school.  Hargrave Military and Brewster Academy traditionally have 7-12 D1 players on their roster at a time.  Just a few years ago Hargrave signed ten players to division one schools before their season even started!  Tilton School had three future NBA players on their championship team during the 2011-12 season.  Other prep schools might only have a division three player on their roster.  Daily competition at most prep schools is far superior to that of a majority of high schools in the US.  This daily grind will improve a player’s skills and ready them for the college basketball environment.  Games among these prep school teams are also competitive.

When I attended the US Air Force Academy’s Prep School we started off with a two-week basic training.  After basic we had our first open gym with the basketball recruits.  It was so much fun playing with good players from all over the country.  The competition was tough and our individual game improved because our teammates were better.

Finally, players will have a chance to improve on their own.  Individual skill sessions with coaches are available during the pre and post season, as well as access to the weight room.  Almost all prep programs have a strength coach who will design a program for each individual player’s needs.  The weight rooms at some schools rival that of smaller colleges.  Since players are boarding on campus, access to the gym can be achieved throughout the day.  Before class in the morning, or during a break, players can get up shots.

If you are considering attending a prep school for a post grad year then please contact me today to speak in more detail.




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