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🗒️Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the PREP Athletics Podcast! We’re thrilled to have Joe Scott, head coach of Air Force, join us for an insightful conversation. Joe dives into his extensive coaching journey, the evolution of his strategies, and the profound impact of the Princeton offense on modern basketball. We discuss the unique challenges of recruiting at Air Force, the critical role of academics and character, and the invaluable benefits of prep schools for player development. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, coach, or basketball enthusiast, this episode is packed with wisdom and practical advice.


00:00 Intro
01:52 How Coaching at Air Force is Different Now vs the Early 2000’s
04:56 Recent Changes in the Basketball World
08:37 Recruiting at Air Force
11:06 The Difference in Mentality From 20 Years Ago to Now
13:50 The Air Force Prep School
17:52 Why Joe and His Son Decided on Prep School
21:41 Watching his son Jack in the NCAA Tournament at his Alma Mater
23:36 What It Takes to be a D1 Guard
26:39 Coaching Anthony Edwards
31:18 Specialization vs. Playing Multiple Sports
33:37 What Does the Next 5 Years Look Like
35:55 Is There More Pressure on How You Recruit?
37:27 Quick Hitters
41:20 Final Points

📌 Key Points:

✅Joe’s Coaching Journey: From his early career influences to head coaching at Air Force.
✅Recruiting Challenges: Balancing academics and athletics in recruitment.
✅Mental Toughness: The importance of character and resilience in athletes.
✅Player Development: How prep schools benefit basketball players.
✅Coaching Philosophy: Adapting the Princeton offense and modern strategies.
✅Future of Air Force Basketball: Insights into the program’s direction and goals.
✅Multi-Sport Athletes: The role of diverse athletic backgrounds in development.
✅Personal Growth: Joe’s advice on balancing personal and professional life.

🏀 About Joe Scott:

Joe Scott is the head coach of the Air Force men’s basketball team. He began his coaching career as an assistant at Monmouth University and later moved to Princeton, where he eventually became the head coach (2004-2007). Joe had his first stint as head coach at Air Force from 2000 to 2004, where he led the Falcons to their first NCAA tournament appearance in over four decades. He also served as head coach at the University of Denver (2007-2016) and returned to Air Force in 2020. Known for a strong commitment to player development, Joe has consistently fostered success both on and off the court.

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