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Show Notes

In this episode of the Prep Athletics Podcast, host Cory Heitz interviews Coach Thomas Adams-Wall from Western Reserve Academy. They discuss various topics in prep school basketball, including growing up on a prep school campus, the benefits of playing multiple sports, choosing the College of Wooster, coaching at Western Reserve Academy, recruiting and college exposure, admissions for student-athletes, coaching McDonald’s All-American Chris Livingston, the challenges of placing girls in prep schools, placing boys and girls in college, admissions criteria for student-athletes, and more. Coach Adams-Wall shares his insights and experiences as both a coach and an admission officer at Western Reserve Academy.


00:00 Introduction and Background

02:02 Growing Up on a Prep School Campus

03:24 Playing Multiple Sports vs. Specializing

04:20 Choosing the College of Worcester

07:14 Coaching and Working at Western Reserve Academy

10:01 Recruiting and College Exposure

13:19 Admissions and Student-Athletes

16:33 Coaching Chris Livingston and Girls vs. Boys Basketball

20:22 Challenges of Placing Girls in Prep Schools

21:48 Placing Boys and Girls in College

23:38 Admissions Criteria for Student-Athletes

25:33 Quick Hitters

28:15 Favorite Movie and Hobbies

29:38 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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About Me

Cory Heitz is the Founder and President of PREP Athletics. He has been helping place players into the right fitting prep schools since 2008. Cory completed a post grad year himself before playing in a D1 basketball program, so he knows the pressures that players and families face when trying to get to the collegiate level. That’s why he started this podcast, which is to share his wealth of information to those looking to reach their college basketball goals.

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