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Show Notes

    1. In this conversation, Tim DiFrancesco, former head strength coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, shares insights and experiences from his time in the NBA. He talks about working with Kobe, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Metta Sandiford-Artest,​ and other NBA legends. He emphasizes the importance of a growth mindset and open-mindedness in achieving success. Tim discusses the challenges of building trust with players and managing different training approaches. He also highlights the significance of recovery methods, such as float tanks, and the common training mistakes basketball players make. Tim shares his favorite lifts, his favorite Lakers player to work with, and his hobbies.


  • Having a growth mindset and being open-minded are crucial for success in any field.
  • Building trust with players is essential and requires being yourself and showing that you are there to help and listen to them.
  • Recovery methods, such as float tanks, can be beneficial for athletes’ physical and mental well-being.
  • Basketball players often make the mistake of skipping leg day or avoiding upper body training due to misconceptions.
  • Nutrition-wise, many basketball players do not consume enough calories, which can affect their energy reserves and weight maintenance.


00:00 Introduction and Background
00:25 The Importance of a Growth Mindset
03:22 Building Trust with Players
06:01 Working with Players’ Personal Trainers
09:41 Challenges of Managing Different Training Approaches
10:03 Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic and Recovery
14:55 Recovery Methods in the NBA
15:54 The Benefits of Float Tanks
18:32 Players’ Work Ethic and Mindset
21:20 Focus on Injury Prevention and Durability
24:26 Best and Worst Parts of Working with the Lakers
27:00 Impressive Non-Star Players
28:24 Changes in Training Basketball Players
30:49 Common Training Mistakes
32:45 Changes in Nutrition Approach
34:05 Recommended Supplements
35:29 Favorite Lifts
36:44 Favorite Lakers Player Worked With
37:27 Coolest Celebrity Interaction
38:59 Favorite Movie of All Time
39:25 Hobbies Outside of Work
40:10 The Basketball Strong Podcast
44:49 Where to Find Tim DiFrancesco

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