Transfer or post-grad year? It’s an important question.

80% of my clients are post-grads.  They play out their high school career in their hometown, but even so, they still need a post-grad year for all the benefits that it provides.  But is it better to do this or to transfer out of a high school before graduation to spend time at a prep school.  The answer to that is, it depends.

Transfer or post-grad year


Ideally a player is in a solid high school situation where they are playing with teammates who they have known for a long time, in front of hometown and under a good coach.  This happens all of the time.  However not every player is satisfied with their situation and want to upgrade.  Some players transfer to another local high school, while others look at moving to a prep school and reclassifying.  If a player qualifies to get into a prep school, there are benefits in going for multiple years.

There is a saying in the prep school world that it takes a year to acclimate: the academics, the speed/physicality of the game, the routine, culture, etc.  Coaches almost always see a second-year player more settled into the prep school lifestyle.  With multiple years, players can learn the head coach’s system and bond with the other multi-year players.  One of the main benefits of going to a prep school is the increased college exposure.  College coaches who come to campus during the open gym period take notes on underclassmen who have potential.

Transfer or post-grad year

Post-Grad Year

Doing a post-grad year is a solid option if a player is content with their current high school situation.  I prefer high school athletes stay with their team until they graduate.  Transferring high schools is not easy.  I transferred in January of my sophomore year to another local high school.  I was not doing well academically, socially, and didn’t see a future playing for my initial coach.  The move was a pure upgrade and led me to playing in college for free.


So, what’s the answer? Transfer or post-grad year? At the end of the day that all comes down your unique situation.

If you are looking to transfer to a prep school and reclass, feel free to reach out to PREP Athletics.  If you qualify we can make sure you are put in front of the right fitting schools.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the PREP Athletics Podcast, or head on over to our channel on YouTube. If you have any questions about which is better for you, a transfer or post-grad year, reach out. We’re happy to help.


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