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Show Notes

Mike Panaggio discusses his experience at prep school, his career in the financial industry, and the founding of DME Academy. He emphasizes the importance of effort, excellence, and sacrifice in achieving success. He also shares his thoughts on the value of college education and the unique aspects of DME Academy, including its focus on character development and social fitness. Panaggio discusses the recruitment process for DME Academy and the success stories of top players who have come through the program. In this conversation, Mike Panaggio discusses the impact of cell phones on students and the importance of limiting overcommunication. He also shares his experience at Deerfield and how it influenced his approach at DME. Mike emphasizes the importance of speaking in absolutes and instilling a mindset of continuous improvement in students. He also talks about his personal interactions with DME students and the value of mentorship. Mike discusses the multiple teams at DME and the placement strategy for college-bound students. He shares his vision for DME, which includes stronger academics and more international showcases.



00:00 Introduction and Background
05:27 Discussion on Prep School Experience
08:54 Transition to Financial Industry and Founding DME Academy
11:29 DME Academy: Focus on College Marketing and Assistance
16:13 DME Academy: Unique Approach and Special Sauce
22:19 Finding Top Players and Success Stories
25:43 Discussion on Top Players and Recruitment
29:04 Fostering Social Fitness at DME Academy
29:37 The Impact of Cell Phones on Students
31:24 Speaking in Absolutes and Continuous Improvement
32:50 Mentorship and Personal Interactions at DME
38:28 The Multiple Teams and Placement Strategy at DME
47:56 The Vision for DME: Stronger Academics and International Showcases

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