I have been placing players into prep schools around the country since 2008.  During that time, I have learned a great deal about the prep school basketball world and my ultimate goal is to help connect players to the right schools. Often, families are uncomfortable that I require a fee for my school consulting services which I understand. In order to help families understand why it benefits them to hire a prep school consultant like myself, I have made the following list.  Can a family find a prep school without the help of a consultant?  Absolutely.  It happens all the time.  However, many families don’t realize that for less than 4% of a prep school’s tuition, I can provide expertise, objective in depth knowledge, and individualized attention to match their son or daughter with the best prep school opportunity.  Below is a list of the benefits and reason for hiring PREP Athletics as a consultant.

1) First-hand experience. I attended a prep school for a Post Graduate (PG) Year.  When I talk to families about the prep school experience I can speak as someone who has been in their shoes and understands the benefits and advantages of attending a boarding school. In addition, I am not the only one in my family who has benefited from attending prep school for basketball.  My cousin, Brad Miller, transferred to a New England prep school his senior year of high school and was fortunate enough to use that experience to play four years at Purdue University and ultimately to have a successful, 14 year, NBA career.  In our podcast, Brad shares all the benefits he gained from his time at prep school and how without this experience, he would not have been named Big TEN Freshman of the Year or achieved his goal of playing in the NBA.  I also completed a PG year at the US Air Force Academy’s Prep School and understand the transition and challenges that kids are going through at this age, both physically and mentally. As a PG, I not only matured emotionally but gained twenty pounds of muscle and was coached to play the best basketball of my life.  I know the stress that players and their families feel when they aren’t getting the college looks or exposure they want.  I understand the anxiety and nervousness felt by families when deciding to attend a school far from home that is so unfamiliar.  A lot of people can talk about the prep school experience, but how many have actually lived it and can share their experience with you?

2) Placement history.  I have been placing players at top prep schools since 2008.  During this time, my experience and understanding of prep schools has been utilized to learn as much as possible about this world.  While I am always learning about and researching schools, I try to share as much information with players and their families as possible.  My website provides insights and answers to the most commonly asked questions about prep schools as well as providing up to date tips and information on the current state of the student athlete’s world.  Any parent or player can research prep schools via an internet search but it will take hours and hours of research, phone calls and visits to try and navigate this vast world. In the US alone, there are over 300 boarding schools with over 100 that offer a PG year. While a player might be able to find a prep school opportunity, I can help to determine is it the right fit athletically, academically and financially.  How much is finding the right fit worth?

3) Research and Knowledge of Top Prep Schools.  I have visited over 100 prep schools.  Some are located in an urban settings while others are rural communities.  Some are co-ed and others are single sex.  Oak Hill Academy has only two indoor rims on campus and when I last visited their campus I saw it had a weight room with equipment from the 1980’s.  Brewster Academy in NH has a modern gym which is named after their current coach.  Gould plays in a unique, cavernous dome in Maine.  At IMG in Florida, you will have professionals from all sports training alongside you.  Along with visits to all of these schools, I have attended multiple prep school showcases, games and know the different competition levels, athletic leagues and playing styles of every program. Knowing these details can help give a player and their family perspective on which prep school might be the right choice for their athletic and academic goals.

4) Established Relationships w/ Coaches and Admission Departments throughout the US.  Each day I am on the phone with prep school coaches from around the country.  They keep me updated on what their needs are, how much merit and financial aid they have available and other pertinent information relating to their basketball program.  These coaches know from their previous experience with me that I only send them players that I think would be a good fit for their school and basketball program.  Time is a commodity and I try not to waste anyones who is involved with these important decisions.  Since 2008 I have placed players at over 37 prep schools all over the country.  These former players have track records and history at each of these schools and their success and stories only help my future clients when they follow the same path.  Basketball, as with life, is about relationships.  These take time to nurture and grow.  Many coaches are good friends who trust my experience and have seen firsthand the quality of student-athletes that I work with. In addition, I also act as advocate for my players with the admissions departments at prep schools and assist with financial appeals if needed.

5) Finding the right school match for a player’s athletic, academic and financial goals and needs.  One of the main questions asked by my clients is how much are the costs associated with attending top prep school?  Some of my clients will only pay $4,000 per year while others have had to pay $85,000 per year to attend IMG.  Each family is unique depending on the player’s athletic ability, academic history, and financial need.  I am honest with families on how much their son or daughter is valued by a prep school and if this prep school option is the best option available. While there are many families who can afford to pay full tuition and will have more prep school options, there are also Division 1 caliber players who have the academic profile, athletic ability and financial means to pay, but shouldn’t have to. As an experienced consultant, I aim to save families money on tuition and help them earn financial aid whenever possible.  Prep school coaches and I frequently will discuss the value an individual player brings to a prep school and the impact they will make on their basketball program. With this experience I can help give families a tuition range or estimate of the amount they would most likely have to pay for their son or daughter to attend.

While the investment into a prep school basketball consultant can be less than 4% of a school’s tuition, it is the individualized attention, in-depth experience and objective opinion that can be invaluable to a family looking to make one of the biggest decisions on their teenager’s life.  Hiring an experienced consultant who works in the competitive prep school basketball world every day, can save money, save time and provide talented, deserving players the best prep school match that might not have been realized without the right guidance.

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